Juliane Bednarz

In November 2020 Juliane Bednarz joined envelio as a Customer Success Manager.  

In this role, she acts as the interface between clients and product development. Moreover, she takes the lead in onboarding projects with customers and discusses current requirements and processes with them. Here, the joint focus is on measures for process improvement of the Intelligent Grid Platform, as well as new functions and enhancements.   

In her free time, she likes to go running, do Yoga or Pilates and spend time in nature. When she has a little more time, she goes on longer trekking tours.

We interviewed Juliane. 

Why are you working in the tech industry?
Back in school, I particularly enjoyed scientific subjects. You approach problems analytically and solve them that way. I’ve always been good at that, so I wanted to deepen my knowledge. I decided to study industrial engineering with a focus on electrical power engineering in Aachen. This offered me a good mix of economic and technical content. During this time that I came into contact with the energy industry for the first time, and I was immediately captivated by it.  

What do you find exciting about the tech industry?   
Since my studies focused on this area, I was able to gain practical experience in the energy industry right from the start. I feel very comfortable in this environment and find mastering technical and process-related challenges particularly exciting. In my opinion, this is best achieved with good software solutions. At envelio, I have the opportunity to help shape these. 

How were women represented in your educational background?
In the courses with a technical focus, there were remarkably few women. However, I could observe that more and more women joined in the younger semesters, which made me very happy.   

Is there a project you are particularly proud of? And why?
I haven’t been with envelio that long, so most of the projects are still ongoing. However, there are some pilot projects that I was able to accompany from the beginning that are slowly coming to an end. What I like most about it is being able to experience the complete process – and that in a collaboration with international customers. I also love being the first point of contact for customers and helping to drive the further development of our products in their interest. I’m happy about every new release that further increases the benefits for our customers. 

How did you come across envelio?
I was looking for a new challenge in a software company that develops solutions for the energy industry. Since the founders as well as many employees of envelio come from Aachen or studied there, I already knew a few of them. That’s how I came across envelio and decided to apply for my position. 

How would you describe the corporate culture at envelio?
envelio is a young, agile company. Here, everyone works together towards a common goal, regardless of hierarchy and experience. All employees pull together to continuously improve our products. This strengthens the cohesion among our colleagues. We have a very open and friendly atmosphere and are always happy to welcome new faces. 

What do you enjoy about your job at envelio?
I love my role as a mediator. Mediating between different actors and achieving optimal results through collaboration is what I like most about it. In addition, envelio is very interesting as a company. We are working on a great product that is driving the progress of the energy transition. You make a real contribution here.   

Does your knowledge also help you in your everyday life?
The fact that I communicate with many different people in my job definitely helps me in my private life as well. I also like to take on the role of a mediator with my family and friends. In addition, working in the technical field trains my analytical skills. It makes it easier for me to get to grips with new issues quickly. 

Do you have women as role models?
Clearly Pippi Longstocking. She is a courageous girl who refuses to be intimidated and questions the prevailing conventions.   

As a woman, what advantages do you see in working at a tech company?
Definitely a job that is a lot of fun! When you discover the tech sector for yourself, it’s a wonderful thing. You can learn a lot and constantly develop yourself. Efficiency and improvement are always at the forefront in tech companies, which is very exciting and motivating. It’s a good feeling to master challenges and simplify processes.    

What must change for more women to succeed in tech?
I think the inhibition threshold among women is relatively high because it is still a male-dominated field. More courageous women need to choose this path and act as role models for the next generations. This is the only way to bring about a lasting change in the situation. In general, the view of gender roles must also change – everyone should do what he or she wants and be encouraged to realize their own wishes and use their abilities.

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