Linda Wolter

Linda joined envelio in June 2021 as a working student in the Global Sales & Marketing team.

Her tasks include updating the website content and the social media channels. Furthermore, she is responsible for various campaigns and supports our Marketing Manager Laura in strategic projects.

In her free time, she enjoys being creative, likes to travel and is interested in everything that has to do with movies and series.

We interviewed Linda.

Did you consciously choose to work in the energy industry, even though you could do your job in any other industry?
After my apprenticeship as a Business Administrator for Marketing Communications, I wanted to do something meaningful. When I started my Bachelor’s program in “Digital Journalism & Media” at the Cologne University of Applied Sciences, I also wanted to find a new challenge professionally. I came across envelio through a friend who has already been working at envelio as a working student for a few years. He told me about the open position and after a look at the website I applied immediately. What particularly appeals to me about the energy sector is that our marketing measures promote a product that is relevant for society and the environment.

How do you get in touch with tech?
I get in touch with tech topics again and again, when I write articles for the website or our social media channels. I have to understand the background in order to be able to convey the facts correctly. That’s not always easy, but my understanding is growing over time and my colleagues support me continuously. I really enjoy this challenge. It gives me the opportunity to look beyond my horizons and learn something new every day.

How would you describe the corporate culture at envelio?
I would describe the corporate culture as very open. I started at envelio during the pandemic and was able to quickly get in contact with my colleagues, despite working from home. Since it has been possible to work in our beautiful office again, I enjoy the lunch breaks and the conversations. The atmosphere is really heartly and I am looking forward to getting to know my colleagues even better in the future.

What do you enjoy about your job at envelio?
There are a lot of things. I really enjoy my tasks and projects. I am given a lot of freedom and I was able to take on responsibility right from the start. Even though I don’t work fulltime, I’m treated as every other colleague. Also, my working hours are very flexible which is great for working while being a student. In addition, there is the collaborative interaction among colleagues and the great working atmosphere – this means a lot to me. Furthermore, I am very happy to work for a company with a forward-looking vision. A job with purpose gives me a positive feeling.

What is the role of women at envelio?
A very important one, meaning an equally important role as all men. Even though there are still more men in the company, there is a constant effort to bring more talented women on board. Once inside the company, there is absolutely no distinction between genders. Thanks to the Women in Tech campaign and our internal Women at envelio round (a regular meeting with all female colleagues), a good network has been established. If a woman is interested in the tech industry, envelio is definitely the place to be.

What have you been able to learn from your experiences in a tech company?
I learned a lot already! Of course, it’s difficult at first for someone who doesn’t come from the tech sector to find their way around all that. I’ll probably need quite a while still. Yet, with the support of my team, it’s already going well. I’ve also been able to pick up a lot in my specialist area, marketing. I can put many strategic approaches into practice for the first time.

What must change for more women to succeed in tech?
Equality should be the standard. Gender, origin, sexual orientation – none of these should play a role. Furthermore, in my opinion, it should be ensured from an early age that children are given access to the tech world and engage with it in a playful way. The future will need many people in this industry, whether female, male or diverse. Every company should realize that diversity is always an advantage.

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