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Use Cases

Application examples for grid operators and grid customers

To ensure a quick and cost-efficient integration of renewable energies into the grid, many processes have to be re-thought, digitized and accelerated. Innovative solutions – like the Intelligent Grid Platform –  are going to pave the way by providing a dynamic and efficient digital energy management tool for grid operators, their customers and partners.

Find out how existing processes can be simplified and accelerated with our platform and what advantages the Intelligent Grid Platform holds for you.

Use cases for grid operators

Today, many processes in grid planning and operation are still very manual and require a lot of resources. Find out how existing processes can be simplified and accelerated with our platform and what advantages the Intelligent Grid Platform holds for grid operators.

Evaluate connection requests automatically

The number of new connection requests is growing rapidly, turning into a resource bottleneck for grid operators. Make the IGP your central system for connection requests and automate all important steps of the process: Transferring the application data, identification of suitable grid connection points, detailed grid studies and documentation – all features in one tool.

Your advantages:

  • Reduce the workload for connection requests to a few minutes per application – or use the full automation mode, e.g. for small assets
  • Offer your customers a web portal for indicative initial feedback – and thus reduce the number of applications to be processed by your grid planners

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Consolidation and validation of grid data

Today, grid data is often maintained in several separate systems. For many processes, data must first be manually merged and validated. The IGP handles this process for you with customized interfaces so that all of your grid data is continuously transferred to the IGP and combined into a complete grid model. Lay the foundation for your process digitization with the IGP.

Your advantages:

  • Combine all your grid data into a complete grid model – from high to low voltage level
  • Keep all data permanently up to date
  • Use our test algorithms to identify and fix data gaps and inconsistencies right away
  • Use the grid model for all processes in our platform – or access the model from other tools via our interfaces

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Use cases for connection applicants

The individual requirements and processes of grid operators represent a major challenge for the connection applicant – especially when many inquiries are made to several grid operators. Benefit from our platform approach: we standardize your process and directly route your data to the right systems at the grid operator.

Standardize and automate the connection application process

Many grid operators have defined individual forms and standards for registering and commissioning new systems. The resulting process is therefore very time-consuming for the applicant and cannot be scaled across multiple grid operators. The Grid Connection Portal offers a solution for this challenge: one platform to manage and process your applications across different grid operators in a standardized and automated manner.

Your advantages:

  • Uniform management of all applications across multiple grid operators in one platform
  • Reduction of the manual workload for follow-up inquiries
  • Faster feedback to connection requests by process automation of grid operators using the IGP

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Application areas of
the Intelligent Grid Platform

Our applications support your most important processes in the areas of grid connection, grid planning and operation management. End-to-end in one system and tailored to your needs.

Grid Connection

Automate processes for the integration of new distributed energy ressources and consumers

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Grid Planning

Plan your grid for the future and evaluate the effects of grid expansion measures and changing supply tasks

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Operation Management

Use your monitoring devices for live grid transparency and optimizing your operation management

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