Upgrade: Schematic Plans

In the Intelligent Grid Platform, grid planners can easily get an overview of the grid areas. To understand the topology of a grid even faster, it can be visualized in a geographical view as well as in a schematic view. In the geographical view, the underlying grid model of the entire grid area is displayed as a georeferenced representation. The schematic view, on the other hand, shows grid areas as single-phase equivalent circuits, providing a graphical alternative to the georeferenced representation of grids, which can be particularly advantageous for larger, more complex grids.  

Technology upgrade

Our schematic view has undergone a fundamental technology update to increase the general performance and to enable new functions.Now it is possible to switch directly between the geo and schematic view. Furthermore, almost all known functionalities from the geographical view can now also be used in the schematic view. These include, among others, Mouse-overs, Sneak Peek and the features within the Result View. 

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