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The challenges of the energy transition 

In the course of the energy transition, millions of new wind energy and photovoltaic systems will have to be integrated into our power grids. The number of new consumers, such as charging stations for electric cars or heat pumps, is also rising enormously. The integration of the new plants is putting an increasing burden on distribution grids.

Today, transparency about the utilization of grids, especially in low voltage, is often limited. Due to unclear IT structures, many processes carried out by grid operators run manually and require a lot of time. This is why today’s processes are not suitable for an ever-progressing energy transition and need to become more digitized and automated.

smart grid solutions with IGP

Our answer

We have developed the Intelligent Grid Platform as a solution to this challenge. As a software assistance system, the Intelligent Grid Platform transforms the power grids into digital, flexible and interactive smart grids. Important processes in grid planning and operation management can be carried out digitally and automatically. In this way, we are promoting and accelerating the energy transition — worldwide.


Intelligent Grid Platform

Find out how existing processes can be simplified and accelerated with our platform and what advantages the Intelligent Grid Platform holds for you.

The Intelligent Grid Platform stands for:

Better Data Quality

Create validated grid models for your entire supply area

Higher Trans­parency

Get detailed insights into remaining capacities of your grid

Efficient Processes

Accelerate your mass processes by automation

Lower Costs

Make cost-efficient decision for grid expansion and operation

One Grid Model

Combine all grid information in a single model

Satisfied Customers

Fast & flexible service for all customer processes

envelio Kunden Bayernwerk Michael Wittmann
Michael WittmannSenior Product Owner Digitalization at Bayernwerk

We currently process approximately 10,000 connection requests per month to medium and low voltage grids through our web interface for non-binding determination of the nearest possible grid connection points. The automatic connection determination by envelio (OCC) enables our customers to quickly identify potential connection points on their own. This significantly improves the quality and the implementation rate of the projects. At the same time, we were able to substantially reduce the overall processing time of connection requests. The OCC is therefore a crucial component in achieving the climate protection targets in our grid area.

Janis Albert, Enervie Vernetzt, envelio customer
Janis AlbertControl and Assets Management, Grid Optimization at ENERVIE Vernetzt

After automating the technical evaluation of the available grid capacity, we were able to significantly speed up our connection request processes. We have reduced our workload in the areas of grid planning and grid connection services, and our customers are happy their requests are now processed faster.

envelio customer FairNetz, Mona Keller
Mona KellerHead of Asset Management & Strategic Planning at FairNetz

In some cases, it would not have been possible to anticipate the high load without the IGP. The IGP provides calculation results which already take existing as well as approved but not yet installed generators into account. That is why we were able to visualize a rapid concentration of assets set to be put into operation and based on this information, we can already initiate grid expansion measures at an early stage.

Stephan MäurerSupervision of the flexibility management project in the low voltage grid as part of the eNET program (Avacon)

We are preparing our grids for reliable supply in a complex energy system. By designing and applying automation to eliminate congestion using the IGP, we implement a key element for grid-oriented management of flexibilities in low voltage grids.

Rainer Löber Travenetz
Rainer LoeberHead of Electricity Department at Travenetz

Like all grid operators, we are facing a significant increase in grid connection requests. With the IGP, we consider ourselves optimally prepared for this challenge and other aspects of the energy transition. In addition to the technical grid connection assessment, which has been smoothly integrated into the registration process at TraveNetz, we can, for example, use future grid scenario analyses created with the ‘Grid Study’ application as an important aid in investment decisions for grid expansion.

David Langner Stadtwerke Jena
David LangnerTechnical Customer Service Department at Stadtwerke Jena Netze

Convincing everyone in the company about the importance of digitalization wasn’t always easy, and we faced significant challenges with our data quality. However, the experienced team at envelio consistently provided friendly and helpful support. With the introduction of the Intelligent Grid Platform (IGP), we can now pull data from various systems for grid calculations, enabling us to evaluate the utilization of our entire network for the first time.

Michal Holan EG.D
Michal HolanSenior Project Manager at EG.D

In cooperation with envelio, we managed to deploy two digital solutions in our IT landscape – Online Connection Check and Connection Request.
Online Connection Check has been used by more than 80,000 of our customers since the beginning of the year, and this confirms the great interest in connecting renewable sources to our distribution system. This is also why we are happy to offer our customers an online, intuitive tool.
Connection Request, on the other hand, is used for faster processing of customer requests, and here we found that the new process is twice as fast as our previous system thanks to Connection Request.

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