envelio is now an elephant sponsor

Elephants stand for intelligence, strength, energy, sovereignty, sustainability, wisdom and trust. They live in complex networks where they support and help each other. This loyalty and togetherness are essential for their survival. 

We can identify very well with the elephant, as it reflects some of our values and beliefs. 

Unfortunately, elephants are known to be in danger of extinction. Due to global warming and us humans, the elephants’ habitat and food sources are gradually being destroyed. 

Therefore, we decided to take on an elephant sponsorship for each new costumer we have. With this sponsorships, we support WWF Germany in building transboundary migration corridors connecting the animals’ habitats, prosecuting poaching, preventing human-animal conflicts and much more. 

Our SaaS solution, the Intelligent Grid Platform (IGP), also contributes to habitat conservation. Our goal is to actively drive the energy transition with the IGP in order to switch to sustainable animal- and eco-friendly energy sources as soon as possible.  

If you are also interested in becoming an animal sponsor, you can find all the information on the WWF Deutschland website.