Grid Planning

There is about to be a breakthrough in Electromobility. More and more charging stations are being connected to the networks. Renewable energy is experiencing unlimited growth. But how will the new generating plants and consumers affect the networks? Are the capacities of the installed equipment sufficient? Where in the grid do bottlenecks occur? How can the grid be strengthened as cost-effectively as possible?

Use the various apps from the “grid planning” area to make your grid future-proof. Design scenarios for future upgrade tasks and evaluate the specific effects on your grid. Create planning projects for new grid areas or grid reinforcements. Or check whether you can achieve better utilization of your grid with alternative switching states. This is why we’re offering you the toolbox!

Our Apps

Grid Planning

Flexible editor for planning new grid areas or changes to the existing grid

Grid Study

Carry out detailed stress tests and scenario analyses for your own grid area

One tool for strategic grid planning, operational grid planning and grid reinforcement measures from envelio

Grid Planning

Flexible editor for planning new grid areas or changes to the existing grid

Create new grid planning projects and design a grid structure for new residential areas. Or identify new measures to optimize your existing grid. Change switching states, add or change lines, set new stations, evaluate Smart Grid technologies — all in one app.

  • Flexibly create new grid planning projects
  • Make changes to the grid structure and topology
  • Make changes to the supply task
  • Time series-based load flow simulation and short-circuit analysis for direct evaluation of all planned measures

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Create and evaluate complex scenarios for future changes in the grid and your supply tasks

Grid Study

Carry out detailed stress tests and scenario analysis for your grid area

Create various scenarios for future supply tasks in just a few steps. Have your forecasts automatically projected onto your own grid area and determine the effects of newly added charging stations or decentralized generating plants. Use the results to identify potential grid bottlenecks and optimize your strategic grid planning.

  • Flexibly create different scenarios for future supply tasks
  • Automatically transfer scenarios to the status quo grid based on individual attributes
  • Load flow simulation and short-circuit analysis for all affected grid areas
  • Detailed analysis of emerging bottlenecks and investment needs

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Further application areas of
the Intelligent Grid Platform

Our applications support your most important processes in the areas of grid connection, grid planning and operation management. End-to-end in one system and tailored to your needs.

Grid Connection

Automate processes for the integration of new distributed energy ressources and consumers

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Operation Management

Use your monitoring devices for live grid transparency and optimizing your operation management

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