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Grid Platform

The digital hub for the future of power grid management

Digital and automated handling of all processes related to the integration of new distributed generators, battery storage and consumers into the power grid.

A new category of Smart Grid software

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Current situation

Today, grid operators often manage grid-related data in various isolated systems (e.g. GIS, ERP system, control system). However, there is no central and validated grid model that permanently combines all data.

For many distribution grid operators, this current situation poses a challenge in their day-to-day work. There is little transparency about free grid capacities. Manual input is necessary for many work steps, e.g. to merge and validate data. This makes many processes time-consuming and error-prone.

Our approach

The Intelligent Grid Platform offers a solution to this challenge: a software platform that permanently combines all grid data and allows you to support grid planning and grid operation management processes digitally and automatically.

Permanently consolidate all grid data in a validated model – and achieve full transparency about your grids

Unlock the potential of digitization – and accelerate your processes in grid planning and grid operation

Use all available data for your processes – and make better decisions for your grid

The Grid Hub as the basis

The Grid Hub is the heart of the Intelligent Grid Platform. Here, all grid-relevant data is bundled in one place and combined to form a complete grid model. Grid topology, equipment data, supply task – all information from the primary substation to the end customer is represented in one model.

You can flexibly utilize all data and information for a variety of purposes. You can use the Intelligent Grid Platform’s tailor-made apps for your grid planning and operation management processes. Or export data and results via various interfaces and APIs in order to flexibly use them for your own processes or those of partners and customers.


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How are our grid models created?

Our data engineering team develops tailor-made interfaces to all relevant data silos of our customers, e.g. GIS, ERP or MDM. Data and information from different systems are combined using special matching algorithms. High data quality is a prerequisite for successful process digitization. This is why all data is checked for completeness, plausibility and consistency. Special repair routines resolve typical data quality issues immediately and automatically.

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Our interfaces allow you to permanently monitor all source systems. All data changes are automatically recognized and continuously transferred to our database.

The grid model in the Intelligent Grid Platform is always up to date

This means that a validated and up-to-date grid model is always available for all voltage levels – without any manual effort on the grid operator’s part.

Application areas of
the Intelligent Grid Platform

Our applications support your most important processes in the areas of grid connection, grid planning and operation management. End-to-end in one system and tailored to your needs.

Grid Connection

Automate processes for the integration of new distributed energy ressources and consumers

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Grid Planning

Plan your grid for the future and evaluate the effects of grid expansion measures and changing supply tasks

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Operation Management

Use your monitoring devices for live grid transparency and optimizing your operation management

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