Grid Connection

The number of distributed energy resources will increase significantly over the next years. The grid integration of new generators and consumers will transform into a mass process. As a result, existing processes for the grid integration will become a bottleneck – both for the responsible grid operator and the connection applicant.

With the apps from the “Grid Connection” area, we standardize and digitize your connection process. Automate the entire process flow from transferring transaction data to all documentation – end-to-end. Or use our grid connection portal to standardize the information exchange between grid operators and connection applicant. We offer you the tools you need!

Case Study: E.DIS Netz GmbH

Our Apps

Connection Request

Digitize and automate the evaluation process for new connection applications

Online Connection Check

Automated online portal for indicative feedback to connection requests

Digital Request Form

Standardized interaction between grid operator and connection applicant

Connection Request

Digitize and automate the evaluation process for new connection applications

The app supports the entire application and evaluation process from data transfer of all relevant process information to technical grid study and documentation. As a result, grid operators can reduce the processing time per request tremendously and manage the rapidly growing number of new requests without additional staff.

  • Automated transfer of all customer and process data from other systems
  • Determination of typical connection variants
  • Automated grid studies and cost evaluation
  • Process documentation and archiving
  • Reservation management for assets that have been approved but not yet put into operation

Online Connection Check

Automated online portal for indicative feedback to connection requests

The application offers a completely new type of interaction between the distribution grid operator and the customers. In a fully automated process, connection applicants can receive indicative feedback on the potential connection point directly from the grid operator’s website. Especially in the early planning phase, the connection process is accelerated for all parties involved without creating any work for the grid operator.

  • Customizable customer self service for the grid operator homepage
  • Automated calculation of the probable grid connection point for new asset
  • Direct feedback to the customer, e.g. the location of the grid connection point and a cost indication

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grid connection request

Digital Request Form

Standardized and digital grid connection processes, and central management of all connection requests

With the digital request form, the distribution system operators enable applicants seeking to connect their renewable energy systems to submit their connection applications directly on the grid operator’s website. Increased customer satisfaction thanks to consistent and transparent connection processes!

  • A standardized digital request submission form with the option to easily manage received applications
  • Cost-effective full or partial automation of the grid connection processes
  • Seamless integration with the grid operator’s existing systems and software solutions

Further application areas of
the Intelligent Grid Platform

Our applications support your most important processes in the areas of grid connection, grid planning and operation management. End-to-end in one system and tailored to your needs.

Grid Planning

Plan your grid for the future and evaluate the effects of grid expansion measures and changing supply tasks

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Operation Management

Use your monitoring devices for live grid transparency and optimizing your operation management

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