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Who we are

envelio is an award-winning clean-tech software company from the beautiful cathedral city of Cologne. In April 2017, envelio was established as a spin-off of RWTH Aachen. Since the beginning, we have been pursuing a common goal:  With our product, the Intelligent Grid Platform, we want to drive forward the energy transition on a global scale by making life easier for distribution system operators and grid customers.

Our passion for sustainable solutions also accompanies us in everyday life. As a diverse and international team, we build and live the envelio spirit in our daily interactions.


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Founders of envelio

Our story

The idea for envelio arose during our work in the field of energy system research at the Institute of High Voltage Technology at the RWTH Aachen. All the founders wrote their dissertations on in the field of “intelligent distribution grids”.

Throughout many research projects with grid operators, something became clear:
There is a lack of a scalable software platform for managing future grids, with the need to integrate more and more renewable energy sources and charging stations for electric vehicles.

Further challenges

Engineering team at envelio

Using the dissertation algorithms as a first basis, we developed the Intelligent Grid Platform and founded the start up envelio — the smart grid company of the future.

From Aachen, we moved to Cologne and opened our first office. Since then, our customer base has been steadily growing and becoming increasingly international. The number of employees also increased, so we changed to our current office again in 2020. More than 120 people now work at envelio with the common goal of driving forward the energy transition as quickly as possible.

Our vision

Our vision is not a product of strategic considerations. It is our daily motivation and at the same time a guiding principle for our coexistence. In working to fulfill this vision, we are also facing a global challenge: the implementation of the energy transition.

Drawing our electricity entirely from renewable energy sources is a long way down the road. In the future, millions of new photovoltaic systems, wind turbines and charging stations are to be integrated into our existing grids. In the course of the energy transition, a rapid expansion of the electricity grid must therefore take place. Distribution grid operators are currently not prepared for this level of demand. This is exactly where we want to make our contribution.

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Our mission

We want to offer all actors a common dynamic platform for connecting renewable energies to the power grid — for efficient and digital energy data management. Only smart grids enable rapid grid integration of renewable energies. They are the prerequisite for achieving the energy transition quickly, easily, safely and cost-efficiently.

Why envelio


We are passionate about new technologies and state-of-the-art development tools. They enable us to react flexibly to changes and to continuously develop ourselves.


In our team, as well as with our customers, we rely on mutual trust. An open exchange is very important to us and forms the basis for a trusting working environment.


As an awarded clean-tech company, we deal with sustainable solutions on a daily basis and also live them in everyday office life.

envelio spirit

envelio spirit

From CO2 compensation, reusable lunch boxes to our envelio electric cars –
In our modern loft office, we live the envelio spirit every day. Everyone is welcome and immediately accepted into our diverse and international team.

Celebrating team's success

We place great value on trust and mutual support. The open space concept at our Cologne headquarters is perfect for our short communication channels. After work, our terrace is a popular place for cold drinks and cozy barbecues. Here we celebrate team successes together and enjoy the last hours of sunshine after work.

Do you share our passion for innovation and want to drive the energy revolution forward with us? Then take a look at our career page now and become part of our team.

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