eSmart Systems and envelio partner up to support utilities with asset management and grid planning

eSmart Systems and envelio partnering to bridge the gap and unlock efficiencies between inspection, maintenance, operations and planning departments

Cologne, 10.07.2023: eSmart Systems and envelio are excited to announce their partnership to support utilities with their asset management and grid planning decisions.

eSmart Systems’ Grid Vision® solution powered by AI enables utilities to scale virtual inspections and grid inventory while digitalizing transmission and distribution assets with an image-based digital asset, combining inspection data, substation assets, metadata and grid topology to provide actionable insights and downstream value beyond the inspection.

envelio’s Intelligent Grid Platform empowers utilities by delivering a digital twin of the distribution grids. The platform unites relevant grid data from multiple sources into one platform to digitalize and automate grid planning and grid operation processes. Applications like Grid Planning and Grid Study enable the evaluation of future scenarios and their effect on the power grids. The results can then be used for strategic grid planning.

eSmart Systems and envelio partner up to support utilities with asset management and grid planning

Bringing the two solutions together unlocks a powerful combination of an accurate image-based digital asset with the digital twin, resulting in a knowledge based platform to support utilities to break down silos between grid operations, investment planning and condition monitoring to provide holistic and accurate information on the conditional and physical state of the grid.

Based on these additional insights on the power flow and mechanical asset data combined, utilities can enable improved maintenance and inspection planning, support unplanned outage response and improve long term asset investments and strategic grid planning for their power grids.

The partnership between eSmart Systems and envelio will enable a giant leap in the cross-functional use of data from both our worlds. This will benefit multiple departments and user groups within the utility, due to the exchange and uplift of the different types of information we each focus on.” Henrik Bache CEO eSmart Systems.

Innovation partnerships like the one with eSmart Systems are the key to the energy transition. Together we create a solution with a technological best-of-breed approach that enables cost-optimized and accelerated asset management and expansion planning of the power grids and thereby supporting grid operators in meeting the challenges of the energy transition.” Dr. Simon Koopmann, CEO, envelio GmbH.