Online Connection Portal for Leitungspartner

Our customer Leitungspartner GmbH has now published their branded online connection check portal. They named it “Netzanschlussprüfer“. 

The Online Connection Check is an automated online portal, which we configure individually for our customers and integrate into their website. It gives connection applicants indicative feedback to their connection requests. 

In order to check whether the private charging station, the heat pump or the power generation system can be connected to the desired grid connection point, (potential) customers only need to enter a small amount of data – such as the address, the desired capacity and the type of system.  

The application offers a completely new possibility of interaction between distribution grid operators and their customers. This also applies to Leitungspartner: “For our customers in particular, the portal’s speed and ease of use are a great gain in convenience. As Leitungspartner, we believe that this tool is a further building block for the digitization of our grid planning processes, as well as an active contribution to the energy and transport transition by accelerating the connection process for charging infrastructure and distributed generation.”   

Overall, we have been working with Leitungspartner GmbH since 2019. After using various IGP applications, Leitungspartner decided to also introduce the Online Connection Check application in order to speed up the processing time for connection requests. The result after one month: over 150 inquiries have already been calculated.   


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