Multiple Participant Request (MPR)

With the Intelligent Grid Platform (IGP), connection requests for new grid participants can be evaluated quickly and easily using the Connection Request application. The app supports the entire application and evaluation process, from data transfer of all relevant process information to technical grid study and documentation. As a result, grid operators can reduce the processing time per request tremendously and manage the rapidly growing number of new requests without additional staff.

It often occurs that the connection requests are not filed for one single participant, but for a bundle of various participant types, which should be connected to the same connection point.

With our new “Multiple Participant Request” feature, the IGP user is able to connect multiple participants to the same node within one single process in the Connection Request application. Thus allowing, for example, the option to directly request and evaluate a new rooftop PV unit including a new home storage battery.

The new participants are displayed throughout the entire process and can easily be edited and removed during the connection request process. They are grouped according to the types of generators, loads and batteries, offering a complete overview of the total power of the new participants.

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