Automated strategic grid planning in IAV Optera through flexibly available grid models from the IGP

The integration of IGP grid models in Optera helps optimize strategic grid planning. With the two solutions, asset managers and planners are able to assess the impact of a large number of relevant scenarios on the existing power network and compare different target grid variants in order to maintain secure electricity supply for their customers.

envelio and IAV

Optera is a tool from our innovation partner IAV that allows to automate the strategic grid planning based on the existing power network. The software solution can generate realistic distribution grid structures in the medium voltage. In addition to the grid data, the calculation takes into account various future scenarios that ensure reliable power supply. Optera uses a self-learning algorithm to add new or remove existing power lines in order to find an economically sustainable way for building the target grid based on the existing situation. Automating this complex planning task enables the analysis of a wide range of scenarios, such as different infeed and load situations.

As part of this partnership, the database of the IGP allows planners to address more complex questions regarding grid analysis and speed up their processes through automation. Soon-to-be developed features include an automatic transfer of the generated target grids from Optera back into the IGP.

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