IGP rollout successfully launched at Bonn-Netz

After the joint pilot project, Bonn-Netz GmbH decided to roll out the Intelligent Grid Platform to its entire medium and low-voltage grids. This includes 220,000 tapping points over an area of about 140 140 km2. Future productive use will focus on the grid connection application area.

Data integration in only 6 weeks

In the pilot project, two of the ten substations and their subordinate medium and low-voltage grids have already been integrated into the Intelligent Grid Platform (IGP) and a fully computable grid model has been created.

For this purpose, data from the GIS (geographic information system) SICAD UT was combined with data about switching states as well as load and generation data from SAP IS-U. As part of envelio’s data integration process, the data was combined to create a full computable grid model. In this context, standardized data processing modules from envelio’s toolbox were combined and adapted to the concrete source data of Bonn-Netz by envelio’s Data Engineers. For example, the module “Address and Geomatching” was used to assign customer data on loads and generation to the grid nodes of the GIS system without a direct assignment via IDs.

The various data integration modules allow a high degree of flexibility in connecting a wide variety of data systems to the IGP and, at the same time, a reliable and efficient development of grid models. The entire process for developing interfaces and data integration – from the first data transfer to the finished grid model in the IGP – could thus be implemented by envelios’ data engineering team within six weeks.


Automation of the testing of new grid connections

“The exponential growth of charging points and solar PV systems in distribution grids is posing increasing challenges for grid operators. With the help of the Intelligent Grid Platform, we can process grid connection requests fully automatically and improve our customers service. Only with efficient and digitized processes we can master the challenges of the energy and mobility transition. Solutions from envelio help us to enable a fast and sustainable energy transition.” (Dr. Pascal Köhn, Head of Meter Operation and Electrical Equipment at Bonn-Netz)

With the help of the Connection Request app, it was possible to test a higher degree of digitization and automation in the connection process. With the increasing deployment of solar PV and EV chargers in the grid area of Bonn-Netz, this enables an efficient handling of future connection requests.

The predicted strong growth of new loads and generation plants in the grid area also leads to the question of what utilization of the existing grid infrastructure can be expected. This is where IGP’s Grid Study application helps, in which future scenarios of the supply situation can be created easily and quickly and evaluated with regard to the expected grid utilization.

With the automated interfaces to other IT systems and the possibility of partially or fully automated technical network compatibility tests, the Intelligent Grid Platform will become an important component of the digital network processes of Bonn-Netz in the future.

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