API Opening

Our vision is to provide our customers with the Intelligent Grid Platform (IGP), a digital hub for power grid management. The IGP targets the digital and automated handling of all technical processes such as the integration of new distributed generators, battery storage and consumers into the power grid. 

As a centralized Grid Hub, the IGP provides quality-optimized grid models for apps created by envelio, partners and customers. One major aspect in becoming the central Grid Hub and the leading platform for technical data are standard APIs to enable the customers to embed the IGP into their IT ecosystem and vice versa. The opening of the IGP’s databases and calculation kernels via APIs improves the flexibility of how the Platform can be used within the IT ecosystem of the customer. 

To adapt processes to internal workflows sending API requests to the IGP following a standard ruleset allows the customers to customize their input. Also, receiving information from different APIs allows the customer to integrate data and functionalities into other software systems or databases to automate processes and work in a more automated and faster way with a higher throughput. 

Our customers already use the large variety of API endpoints to improve their daily business and the collaboration between functions and teams. For example, it’s able to connect the control room to the database for improved data quality, to use measurement devices for more realistic planning processes or to connect ERP systems for an easier management of business processes. 

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