envelio wins the internationally renowned BloombergNEF Award

Cologne, 09.04.2024: We are proud to announce that envelio has won the 2024 BloombergNEF (BNEF) Pioneers Award in the category “Relieving bottlenecks in the deployment of clean power”. This award recognizes companies that offer innovative solutions to accelerate the transition to a net-zero economy. Two other categories that were the focus of this year’s BNEF innovation competition are “Decarbonizing the construction and operation of buildings” and “Creating the next generation of net-zero fuels”.

Bottlenecks in the adoption of clean energy represent a significant barrier on the path to achieving net-zero goals. This issue encompasses a range of challenges, such as lengthy approval processes, inadequate infrastructure, and limited grid capacities, which impede the integration of renewable energy sources. Such delays are not only costly but also slow down the urgently needed progress in reducing CO2 emissions.

envelio provides a solution with its Intelligent Grid Platform (IGP), which specifically aims to simplify and accelerate the processes around grid interconnection. The IGP relies on Digital Twin technology and enables grid operators to combine data from multiple sources, thereby allowing significantly better transparency in the grid and a higher degree of process automation. Thus, distribution grid operators can efficiently analyze the available capacities in their power grids, respond faster to interconnection inquiries, and significantly simplify the integration of decentralized generators and loads.

“I am very proud of what we have achieved with the entire envelio team in the past few years. Winning the BloombergNEF Award not only shows that we are on the right track but also highlights the potential of our technology,” said Dr. Simon Koopmann, co-founder and CEO of envelio. This recognition not only underscores the importance of envelio’s work but also the confidence in the company’s ability to drive the energy transition globally.

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