envelio wins tender for grid simulations at Glitre Nett AS in Norway

Grid operator Glitre Nett AS uses Intelligent Grid Platform to calculate the available grid capacity

  • envelio wins international tender within the framework of the “DataArena” project of the Research Council of Norway
  • The Intelligent Grid Platform helps Glitre Nett to provide a quick response to grid connection requests as part of the project
  • Customers will benefit from fast feedback on their grid connection request

Cologne, 06.06.2023: The cleantech company envelio has won an international tender for the digitalization of electricity grids in Norway. envelio’s software solution, the Intelligent Grid Platform, will support the Norwegian electricity grid operator Glitre Nett in the implementation of a so-called “early response solution”. The aim is to evaluate customer requests for a grid connection in real time and provide preliminary information as quickly as possible to support the further ramp-up of renewable energy sources and charging points.

The tender was part of the research project “DataArena”. This project aims to accelerate the digitalization of the Norwegian grids and thus facilitate the energy and mobility transition. The goal is to develop a simulation service that improves the use of and access to the existing grids. To achieve this, Glitre Nett and envelio will use and integrate data and simulation models from grid operators. The project focuses primarily on actors with power requirements above 1 MW. The project is funded by the Norwegian Research Council and runs from 2022 to 2024.

Glitre Nett deploys the Online Connection Check application of the Intelligent Grid Platform. envelio’s solution provides the complete backend for the calculations for grid connection requests. The white-label solution from the Cologne-based scale-up includes, for example, automated calculation of the grid’s hosting capacity and identification of necessary grid reinforcement measures to allow connection to the grid. Customers benefit by being able to easily receive information about a grid connection point and the expected costs. This speeds up the connection process for all parties involved (network operators and customers) and aims to improve the management of the ever-increasing demands on the grid infrastructure, as well as make the best use of existing grid capacity.

Dr. Simon Koopmann, Co-Founder and CEO envelio on the cooperation with Glitre Nett: „With Glitre Nett, we are very proud to have convinced another grid operator in the Nordics and our first customer in Norway of our solution. Winning a competitive tender process and fulfilling the associated requirements once again underlines that the IGP and its applications are suitable for the digitization of grids worldwide. We are very much looking forward to starting the collaboration with Glitre Nett.”

Per-Oddvar Osland, Research Manager Glitre Nett adds: “Glitre Nett is happy to have envelio on board as part of our efforts to achieve our research objectives. Intelligent Grid Platform (IGP) will play a central role in DataArena, a research project where the goal is to guide and assist customers who require grid capacity. This project is an important step towards electrification, and it hence supports us in achieving sustainability goals.”

About envelio:

Founded in 2017 as a spin-off of RWTH Aachen University, envelio provides software for grid operators. With its Intelligent Grid Platform, the clean tech company enables its clients to gain insights into the actual processes in the grid by making them more transparent. The digital twin gives grid operators the opportunity to optimise processes through automation and digitalisation, to eliminate bottlenecks in the grid and to automatically manage grid connections. In this way, the Cologne-based company creates the foundation for a demand-oriented development of the distribution grids as well as the establishment of flexible smart grids. In line with the motto “Smart grids for a sustainable future worldwide”, the award-winning software company wants to offer its platform solution in more and more markets and continue to drive forward its internationalisation.

About Glitre Nett:

Glitre Nett is Norway’s second largest grid company, supplying more than 320,000 customers with electricity every day. Modern technology and smart energy solutions are an important part of our everyday life. Glitre Nett is the result of the merger between Agder Energi Nett and Glitre Energi Nett. The company has a total of more than 30,000 km of power grid, over 12,000 secondary substations, as well as 133 substations and switching stations in Agder and Buskerud. Glitre Nett has around 350 employees and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Å Energ.