envelio is excited to welcome IAV to our partner ecosystem to optimize strategic grid planning

envelio and IAV have entered into partnership to make IAV’s Optera solution part of envelio’s Intelligent Grid Platform ecosystem. The combination of two solutions makes it possible, to use the grid models that are built with the Intelligent Grid Platform directly in Optera for automated strategic grid planning.

Optera uses a self-learning algorithm to add new or remove existing power lines in order to find an economically sustainable way for building the target grid based on the existing situation. Automating this complex planning task enables the analysis of a wide range of scenarios, such as different infeed and load situations.

With Optera, network planners can quickly assess the impact of a large number of relevant scenarios on the existing power network and compare different target grid variants in order to maintain secure electricity supply for their customers. The use of the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution improves planning outcomes, significantly accelerates the planning process, and optimizes asset investments.

As part of the partnership, a special interface has been developed to enable a direct transfer of grid models from the Intelligent Grid Platform to Optera. This makes the high-quality grid models to be available in Optera directly and without the need for additional data processing. Existing users of the Intelligent Grid Platform (IGP) will be able to carry out fast and automated strategic grid planning at the push of a button. The ability to transfer the generated target grids from Optera back into the IGP and store them there as “alternative future grids” will enable envelio’s customers to fully leverage new functionalities for strategic grid expansion.