Flexible working for more flexibility in the power grid

As a smart grid software company, we spend most of our time working at a computer screen. The COVID-19 pandemic showed us that we don’t have to sit in the same room to successfully work together as a team.

Flexible working is also important for distribution grid operators. The Intelligent Grid Platform, as a software-as-a-service solution, can be accessed from anywhere via a web browser. Tasks for planning or operating distribution grids, such as processing grid connection requests, can thus also be completed from home. Internally, we are also constantly rethinking and improving our work concepts in order to offer employees the best possible conditions. envelio has evolved into a hybrid company during the pandemic, which means that we can flexibly decide where we work from across Germany. However, our office is and remains the center of our company and is now even more the place to meet and collaborate.


More flexibility = Increased motivation, increased concentration and a more relaxed working atmosphere

The flexibility we are offered at envelio ensures a good work-life balance. It is important to us that family, friends and free time are not neglected. Because only those who have a balance after work can exploit their full performance spectrum. For this reason, we also provide a subsidized Urban Sports membership, which allows us to take advantage not only of sports but also wellness offers.


Dog visit in office

A balance to our work at the screen are our four-legged colleagues, who drop by the office from time to time. Luna, Bruno and Mia are welcome guests at envelio. When a team member’s four-legged friend comes to visit, you see smiling faces.


May we introduce – Luna, Bruno & Mia

With her 14.5 years, Luna is the long-established dog lady in the envelio office. She has her permanent place at envelio. That’s why she has her very own basket next to the desk of our squad master Felix. She loves her morning inspection round through the office to greet everyone. The rest of the day she usually works diligently from her dog basket, which sometimes ends in loud snoring from all the exertion. She lingers there until a colleague asks her to take a cuddle break. For a few months now, Luna has switched to home office mode and is looking forward to meeting her colleagues in person again soon.