Jenni Klippenstein

Jenni joined envelio in February 2022 as a working student in the Product Management team. 

In her role, she takes care of the PDF mapping for the Grid Connection Portal (GCP) and contributes to the standardization and digitalization of the connection request process. She also studies Business Administration at the University of Cologne. 
Other than work and university, Jenni likes to dance (Modern Dance and Contemporary are her favorites), loves to draw and can often be found out and about in nature with her friends. 

Why did you apply at envelio? 
As my studies are very theoretical, I wanted to gain some practical experience as well. Although I enjoy it a lot, I was missing the practical aspect. That was why I was looking for jobs that sounded interesting and allowed me to learn something new, which might help me figure out what I want to do in the future. During my studies, I already noticed that I like many different areas, although my focus was on quantitative topics, like statistics for instance. However, I am interested in anything in the area of computer sciences.  
In addition, I have had positive experiences with start ups before – I like the modern and open corporate culture. That is why I focused my search on young companies and finally found envelio. The job posting sounded interesting and contained tasks that I have never had before, such as coding, but also things that had already interested me for a while. Hence, I applied for the position and I am very happy to be here now. 

Did you consciously choose to work in the tech sector, even though you would be able to have the same position in other industries as well? 
I did not consciously look for a job in the tech sector, but I knew that I wanted to do something in the sphere of computer sciences. Getting an insight into coding was also a bonus.  
I have to say that I thought that it was very cool to get the possibility to work at envelio. My studies are in a different field than electrical technology and initially, I did not think I would get a chance in this field at all. The interview, however, was much more about how I fit in with the company. We also talked about my other proficiencies and skills. I was very happy about that, because I am able to learn a lot here.   

In what ways do you come into contact with tech topics and what have you been able to learn from your experiences in this sphere? 
I have a lot of contact with tech topics. My tasks can be divided into two parts, the business part and the technical part. In the business part, I adjust the contents of connection request documents from different grid operators to the GCP. As there is a lot of specialized terminology in these tasks, I first had to learn all these new terms. That wasn’t very easy at first, but after a while I became familiar with them. That was the first time I came into contact with the world of energy technology.  
For the technical part, I integrate the documents into our system using the programming language Python. I first had to learn the language and find out what I need to pay attention to and watch out for. That was a whole new world that I did not know before. But I’ve become very comfortable working with Python by now. 

How would you describe the corporate culture at envelio?  
The corporate culture at envelio is modern, progressive, very open and communicative. I always know that I can go to my colleagues anytime I’m having issues and that there’s no need to be afraid to address difficult topics. 
I noticed that the company acts strongly in the interest of its employees, which makes for a good and lively atmosphere, allowing everyone to enjoy their work. The values that envelio represents on the outside are definitely mirrored in the culture. Equality is rated very highly here and although there are still more men than women in the company, a lot of effort is put into recruiting more talented women. 
And of course, I like the flexible working times and the home office possibility because it makes organizing my life around my studies and my job much easier.   

What must change for more women to succeed in tech? 
I believe that the biggest issue is the prevalent stereotype that the tech industry is a male domain. Although I am in a bubble where change has already begun, there are probably large parts of the industry, that are not open to change yet. The prejudices need to disappear; open communication needs to be facilitated and people need to become aware, that every tech-interested person deserves a place at the table and should not let themselves be held back by anything. Of course, change doesn’t happen in a day. I believe that things will improve little by little with every new generation.  

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