Laura Fietz

In April 2020 Laura Fietz joined envelio as a Marketing Manager. 

In her position, she is strategically and operationally responsible for everything related to marketing and corporate communications. From time to time, she is accompanied to the office by her little dog Mia, who takes up a lot of her free time. She also loves travelling, salsa dancing, cooking and sports of all kinds – especially outdoors. 

As the first Marketing Manager at envelio, Laura has built up the marketing department. Her responsibilities include our website and social media channels. In addition, she plans online events and trade fairs. Find out what else she does at envelio in the following interview. 

Did you consciously choose to work in the energy industry, even though you could do your job in any other industry?
I did not consciously choose to work in that industry. Kira, VP People & Organization, had contacted me via LinkedIn. From the first phone call, I was immediately excited about envelio’s mission to drive the energy transition. It was a completely new challenge for me – firstly because the industry was new to me and secondly because envelio is a B2B company and I had previously only worked for B2C companies. But at that moment I needed exactly this challenge. A few months later, I signed the employment contract.

Why are you a benefit to envelio and the tech industry in general?
With my marketing activities, I am a mouthpiece for our company and support the expansion of our reach. Many of my colleagues are engineers. This field is completely different from my background. When different ideas, influences and opinions come together, it has a positive effect – and this is where I come in. I see envelio and our product repertoire from a completely different perspective. This has led, for example, to envelio getting a new identity in 2021 – with everything that goes with it: new logo, new design, new slogan and vision/mission statement. It was important to me that any outside person could see what we were all about. I think we have succeeded in doing that with our measures, which also include our new website.

What is your day-to-day work like?
The day-to-day work in the marketing department at envelio is very varied. I am the contact person for all marketing and PR topics, both strategically and operationally. I set marketing goals and plan cross-media campaigns to achieve them. A large part of my day-to-day work consists of copywriting, for example for blog posts on our website, social media posts or newsletters. I also create graphics and videos and I am responsible for online and offline event planning (webinars, customer days, trade fairs, etc.). I also make sure that our website is always up to date and easy to find via search engines.

Why do you like the tech industry and where do you get in touch with tech?
The tech industry doesn’t sleep – it’s always evolving, which is what makes it so interesting for me. I’m not a big fan of monotony. 
We market a SaaS solution for the energy industry. It’s a very complex, technical product that we present and explain in a simple way through our marketing activities. This leads to our prospects quickly understanding what we do. We also work with a wide range of technologies in marketing, such as social media, newsletter and analytics tools, as well as CRM and CMS systems. In marketing itself, you must have a certain basic understanding of technology and be open to new things.

How would you describe the corporate culture at envelio?
At envelio, you have startup flair and, at the same time, solid structures that give you a feeling of security. You don’t find that very often in such young companies. We all care about the success of the company what you can see in the huge motivation and outstanding commitment of all our colleagues. Our teams are diverse and international, which means you meet interesting people. I get on very well with everyone here, which is why I’m always happy to be in the office and to see people in person, many of whom are now part of my circle of friends.

What do you enjoy about your job at envelio?
The mixture of all my tasks! I work on the most diverse topics with the most diverse teams. That makes every day unique. Innovative ideas are desired, which gives me creative freedom.

What role do women play at envelio?
An equally significant role as all men. No distinctions are made here.

What needs to change for more women to succeed in tech?
Tech stands for innovation – at tech companies, this should apply not only to the product itself, but also to the way employees are treated. In many companies, equality is still not a matter of course. Women are often taken less seriously. In order to change this, many companies should break away from old structures, get involved with new things and live this outwardly as well. Employees should be in the foreground, and equal opportunities and appreciation should be undiscussable. This is the only way that more women can make it in the tech sector.

The current change in the labor market is playing very positively into the cards of the tech industry. Tech companies should take advantage of this. New Work concepts are easier to implement at tech companies than in many other industries and ensure increased employee satisfaction and recruitment. Creating attractive work environments also draws the interest of more women to the industry. For example, many value flexible work schedules or the ability to work from anywhere, which is usually easy to implement in the tech industry. One of the reasons for this is that many women unfortunately still feel the double burden of work and so-called care work, i.e. raising children and running the household, more than men. But it should be made clear to us women much earlier that we have unlimited options. When you go to school, you don’t even know most of the options. Parents should therefore familiarize their children with technical subjects at an early age – regardless of their gender. In addition, technical subjects such as computer science should play just as big a role in the school curriculum as math or German.

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