Online Connection Check

For low and middle voltage distribution networks

An automation tool for self-service evaluation of the available network hosting capacity

Let your customers find the available network hosting capacity on their own

The consumer interest in small-scale PV systems, heat pumps and e-chargers has been growing exponentially, and so has the workload for the distributed system operators.

Our self-service Online Connection Check tool for hosting capacity evaluation helps DSOs reduce the strain on the daily operations. Embed an interactive network capacity map directly on your website and enable your customers to do the pre-application research for the suitable grid connection point on their own.

How it works

Yes, it is THAT easy for real.

Step 1: Define location

Your customer specifies the location for the planned DER installation by either entering the exact address or selecting geo coordinates directly on the interactive map.

Step 2: Select the asset type for which you want to find the available network hosting capacity

Step 2: Select asset type

By default, our tool includes photovoltaic, charging station, wind turbine or combined heat and power assets. Further assets that are unique to your supply area can also be added.

Step 3: Enter asset capacity

Lastly, your customer enters the capacity of the system they are planning to connect to your distribution network. The system recognizes automatically based on the previously defined asset type if it’s the generation or consumption capacity.

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Live-examples of the Online Connection Check implementation

3 reasons why you’ll love our tool for network hosting capacity evaluation

Less workload

Your customers can perform pre-application research of the available network hosting capacity and determine if a grid connection for the selected area is possible or not completely on their own, so that you don’t need to do this for them.

Seamless integration…

…with your website and the follow-up processes. The look and feel of our OCC tool can be easily customized to become one with your brand. Plus you can connect it to your customer portal to improve your customer digital journey.

Better customer care

Why should hosting capacity checks be any more difficult than ordering takeout or shopping online? With OCC, you will create a superior digital experience for your customers by making it easy for them to complete a normally complex task within just a few minutes.

DSOs who implemented Online Connection Check

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Common questions we hear on our hosting capacity evaluation tool

Yes, absolutely, it can cover both. Your data are the engine behind the tool, and if you operate medium-voltage as well as low-voltage grids, then the tool will support both.