Online Seminar

Topic: Enabling flexible inhouse evaluation of future grid scenarios with mass deployments of DERs”.

Time: Wed, Oct 20, 2021 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM CEST

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Challenges today for Distribution Grid Operators in energy transition

Today grid operators are under great pressure to plan their grids for future supply tasks with mass integration of DERs, such as EV charging points, heat pumps or roof top PV. They have great need for scenario analysis and stress tests in different parts of their grids. However, often grid operators are lacking the tools needed to perform these large-scale investigations or lacking computable grid models as data basis in the first place. As a result, studies are typically being performed by third parties which is very time consuming, expensive, and inflexible.

In this free webinar we will focus on the IGP Grid Study application, one of the key applications of the Intelligent Grid Platform (IGP).

You will learn:
• How the IGP Grid Study enables detailed stress tests and scenario analysis for your different grid areas, and how you can create various scenarios for future supply tasks in just a few steps.
• How these analyses are being done always on fully validated and computable grid models, on low and medium voltage level.
• How forecasts can automatically be projected and determine the effects of newly added charging stations or decentralized generating plants.
• How load flow simulation and short-circuit analysis for all affected grid areas are being provided together with detailed analysis of emerging bottlenecks and investment needs.