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Smallworld GIS, AM Suite and IGP – Process digitalization for distribution system operators and uutilities

The goal of the partnership between Mettenmeier and envelio is to use the integrated solutions for Smallworld GIS and Asset Management (AM Suite) to further develop digital processes for distribution system operators and utilities and in doing so, jointly accelerate the energy transition.

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The partnership between Mettenmeier and envelio led to the development of envelioConnect: a standardized interface between the Smallworld GIS and the Intelligent Grid Platform (IGP). The interface is preconfigured for the Smallworld’s NRM module for electricity. After the initial setup, the export runs automatically, either completely or as defined individually. Thanks to the sophisticated mapping through envelioConnect, the exported data can be used directly in the IGP without any coding effort. The interface offers various configurations options and individual adjustments based on customer requirements.

The integration of the asset management platform AM Suite with the IGP enables a complete digitalization of the end-to-end connection request processes for end customers. This means that grid capacity tests are directly integrated into the connection application workflow – be it for classic household connections, photovoltaic systems, charging stations or battery storage. This allows, for example, to perform a quick capacity check already during the application in the online portal or to transfer data for grid analysis as well as receive the analysis results automatically as part of internal processing.

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The integrated solution consists of an online portal, internal connection application workflow and grid analysis: Through the interplay of the service-based systems AM Suite and envelio’s Intelligent Grid Platform (IGP), grid connection processes can be largely automated in order to accelerate the processing of connection applications. This allows to safely and quickly assess and manage even large quantities of applications, for example for PV systems or charging stations.