Building climate-resilient power grids through the integration of the IGP’s digital network models with climate data from repath

By incorporating climate data and asset-specific climate risks from repath into envelio’s Intelligent Grid Platform, the impact of extreme weather events and climate change on distribution grid assets can be accurately analyzed and considered in future grid expansion.

envelio and repath

Repath makes it easy to identify future physical climate risks and hazards for the electrical grid. Repath projects location-specific insights into the climate effects on the assets of power grid operators years and decades into the future.

These risks can be easily provided within envelio’s Intelligent Grid Platform (IGP). The IGP thus enables DSOs to consider climate change hazards in the expansion of distribution grids and allows for appropriate prioritization in grid planning. Ultimately, this allows to establish how climate risks can influence the power distribution grids and grid assets and take this into consideration for the development of a climate-resilient power grid infrastructure.

Understand the impact of climate change risks on your power grid infrastructure

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