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Enhancing Grid Transparency and Planning with Real-Time Network Measurements

envelio and BeEnergy SG have joined forces to enhance live grid transparency in low-voltage networks. By integrating BeEnergy’s SGIM technology into the Intelligent Grid Platform (IGP), this partnership enables real-time monitoring and evaluation of the grid’s status. The goal is to detect and efficiently manage potential bottlenecks early, particularly within the framework of grid control as outlined in §14a EnWG.

envelio and BeEnergy SG

BeEnergy’s SGIM is a groundbreaking “all-in-one” compact solution designed for direct installation on the 185mm busbar. It revolutionizes the digitization of distribution grids by offering precise, phase-accurate monitoring of up to 14 feeders in local substations, grid stations, and cable distributors, ensuring accurate and comprehensive data collection. This advanced solution supports various communication methods including LTE, fiber optics, and LoRaWan, and is compatible with standard SCADA and cloud protocols.

The Intelligent Grid Platform by envelio facilitates the computational identification of critical assets, grid sections, and problematic grid usage scenarios. This early detection of potential bottlenecks allows for the prioritization and strategic placement of BeEnergy SG’s measurement technology.

Through the automated integration of SGIM data into the IGP, the current grid status can be precisely determined and evaluated in real-time based on state estimation. This enables the real-time identification of bottlenecks and the immediate implementation of countermeasures, alleviating grid congestion and supporting comprehensive grid control as required by §14a EnWG.

BeEnergy SG SGIM Messtechnik Measurements Technology

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