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Real-time transparency through measurement data in low-voltage grid with Lemonbeat and envelio

The goal of the partnership between Lemonbeat and envelio is to easily establish live grid transparency at the low-voltage level. A targeted integration of Lemonbeat measurement technology, the SMO, makes it possible to evaluate the current grid state in real time (state estimation).

envelio and Lemonbeat

SMO by Lemonbeat is a cost-effective all-in-one retrofit solution for remote monitoring of substations. It enables the collection of detailed grid state data for optimization of operations and improvement of grid planning processes. Additionally, SMO makes it possible to quickly localize disruptions while providing an optional short-circuit/direction indication, and as a result, reduce disruption times. The on-site installation by customer operating personnel is easy and quick – just around 30 minutes – to implement.

The focus of the partnership between Lemonbeat and envelio is an integration of the SMO with the Intelligent Grid Platform that allows to incorporate the measurement data into the IGP’s grid model. By linking the measurement data with the grid data, you get reliable information on the grid state at the low-voltage level in real time and use this data for subsequent processes such as grid flexibility measures.

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Founded in 2015, Lemonbeat is a pioneer in the digitalization and “smartification” of conventional, analog physical infrastructure in the energy sector. Lemonbeat’s retrofit solutions enable effortless monitoring, visualization, and control of energy consumption. From increasing the efficiency of heating systems to improving the stability and quality of power grids – Lemonbeat enables an intelligent, sustainable energy future.