New additional switch state view

A wide range of different apps in the Intelligent Grid Platform provide detailed result views for power flow simulations or short circuit analysis. If data in the source system is subject to change, new calculations are carried out automatically, so that the results are always up to date. The grid planner thus receives an overview of the grid status with its current supply task as well as results of detailed simulations and information on structural grid data.  

The switch state is one of the main attributes of the grid and, thus, should be easily identifiable at any time. With help of this new feature, when zooming in on a site (e.g. primary substation, secondary substationcable junction box) in the result view, switch states are now displayed directly in the geographical grid view, without having to open the inner wiring plotter. Dedicated symbols represent open or closed switch states in the grid. This offers a fast overview of the complete grid topology.  

The display of the switch states will also enable the grid planners to recognize and analyze incorrect and problematic switch states effortlessly and intuitively. This will help to prevent errors in the data quality and possible troublesome situations of a specific grid. 

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