Updated Asset Analyzer

The result view is a part of many Intelligent Grid Platoform (IGP) applications and displays the grid area in a geographical map (or as a schematic diagram), including visualized calculation results.  

The asset analyzer is part of the result view and enables users to perform a detailed analysis of every single electrical asset in the grid. Asset types include, for instance, lines, nodes and transformers, as well as loads and feeders. In the asset analyzer, the results of a specific calculation case for separate components of a type are displayed in a table and a diagram. The diagram provides an overview of all assets and their utilization or voltage values, while the table contains information on the separate assets, going into far more detail than the map view.     

By adjusting the asset analyzer and choosing specific columns, filters or search boxes, relevant information can be displayed in the table even faster and more precisely. The diagram is now directly linked to the table and is automatically updated by applying filters to the table. By performing an error analysis, users can easily identify overutilized assets in the diagram and localize them in the map view by clicking on the data point.  

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