Bayernwerk Netz and LEW accelerate processes behind grid connection check with solutions from envelio and Mitnetz Strom

Grid connection checks usually require a significant amount of manual effort and tie up a lot of resources within the grid planning department. In addition, distribution system operators throughout Europe report a significant increase in grid connection inquiries for renewable energy systems.

In order to automate the processes around the connection check to the greatest possible extent, the two Bavarian grid operators of the E.ON group are rolling out an online service based on SNAP and Online Connection Check (OCC), significantly accelerating the entire procedure. The tool allows grid planners to conduct an independent check of the available hosting capacity in medium and low-voltage networks.

SNAP was developed by Mitnetz, one of the largest German distribution grid operators, to allow its customers to calculate the best possible connection points for their wind parks, solar farms, or large-scale facilities in the medium voltage grid with a fully digital and automated solution.

OCC from envelio helps to determine likely grid connection points for the integration of PV systems, wall boxes, and heat pumps in low-voltage grids. Forming the basis of the tool, the Intelligent Grid Platform (IGP) does not only enable precise calculations almost in real-time, but also allows users to reserve the selected connection points.

With the SNAP + OCC/IGP bundle, Bayernwerk Netz and LEW Verteilnetz as well as their customers, now have a power solution for the complete automation of grid connection checks in both medium and low-voltage grids at their disposal. The OCC is already live at Bayernwerk Netz; LEW Verteilnetz is planning to launch the app in the coming weeks.