Congestion Management

Quickly identify bottlenecks in the low voltage grid and initiate corrective measures immediately

Determination and triggering of appropriate, non-discriminatory control interventions

Congestion management low-voltage grid solution

The advancing electrification of the heating and transport sector is a key element of the energy transition. Nonetheless, this poses great challenges to the power grids due to increasing loads at the low voltage level.

The Congestion Management App takes care of your grid precisely at this point. It enables intelligent and grid-oriented control of manageable consumption appliances such as heat pump and private charging stations to prevent grid overloads and ensure the stability of the power grid. Thus, the Congestion Management app is an important element for the implementation of grid flexibility.

How you can use Congestion Management:

The app allows you to send direct control commands to consumption systems such as heat pumps or charging stations via a standardized gateway.

Congestion management app is seamlessly integrated with our solution for state estimation

Seamless interaction with Online Monitoring*

The Congestion Management App is part of our package of grid operation apps and is natively connected to the *Online Monitoring app. In Online Monitoring, grids that are at risk of getting congested are detected automatically based on minute-by-minute state estimation and passed on to the Congestion Management App. You can also move such grids from one app to the other manually.

Automatic calculation of reduced power consumption

Automatic calculation of power consumption

In the Congestion Management App, the power consumption, to which a manageable consumption asset is to be throttled, is calculated automatically. The curtailment is executed in a non-discriminatory manner and only to the extent that is required to prevent the grid congestion. In the detailed view, you can see the reduced power per manageable asset.

Flexible control heat pumps, charging stations – consumption assets

Transmission of control commands

The control commands for curtailment to the calculated power consumption are sent to the individual consumption appliances via the responsible metering point operator. You can view in detail which assets are being controlled at the current time. The duration of the curtailment measures is limited to the necessary extent to alleviate the grid congestion risks.

Documentation of curtailment measures

Documentation of control measures

All grid areas where grid-oriented control measures have been applied are documented and can be exported and downloaded if necessary. This way, you can always share this information with other parties in case you’re required to justify throttling the power consumption within a specific grid area.

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3 reasons why you will love the Congestion Management App

Secure grid operation

The Congestion Management enables you to quickly and reliably address overloads at the low-voltage levels and ensure the safe operation of your grids.

Time for grid expansion

The introduction of intelligent control of the assets in the grid helps you to gain more time for grid reinforcement and expansion measures by reducing the risk of grid congestion.

Grid flexibility

In combination with the Online Monitoring App, the Congestion Management App allows you to successfully introduce grid-side flexibility at a low-voltage level.

Stephan MäurerSupervision of the flexibility management project in the low voltage grid as part of the eNET program (Avacon)

We are preparing our grids for reliable supply in a complex energy system. By designing and applying automation to eliminate congestion using the IGP, we implement a key element for grid-oriented management of flexibilities in low voltage grids.

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