Nina Biessmann

Nina Bießmann joined envelio in September 2021 as Customer Support Manager.

In this role, she is the contact person for customer inquiries and takes care of their requests. She is also in charge of quality assurance in the Intelligent Grid Platform (IGP), regularly testing existing and new features to ensure that the IGP works properly after code changes, updates or improvements.

As a mom of two daughters, Nina is always in action and spends a lot of time with them. She also enjoys sports, being in nature, reading, as well as cooking and trying out new recipes from all over the world.

We interviewed Nina.

Why did you decide to work in the tech industry?
I have always been interested in scientific topics. Even in School, I preferred subjects that required logical thinking. By chance and because of my language skills, I ended up in customer service and have worked in various positions in the field. I really enjoy interacting with different personalities in this job. Through my apprenticeship in the IT sphere and my studies in Information Economics, I naturally and repeatedly came into contact with technical topics within the field of customer service over the course of my career. These topics continue to spark my enthusiasm. That is why envelio’s job posting seemed tailor-made for me. The combination of tasks that require logical thinking (e.g. when creating KPIs and reports) and enjoyable exchanges with customers was what drew me to the company. At envelio, I can put both my strong communication skills and my technical affinity to work.

What do you like about your job at envelio?
My day-to-day at work is widely varied, mostly consisting of project work, analyses, testing and various customer inquiries. That way, it never becomes dull. I learn a lot in the exchanges with colleagues. Before this job, I wasn’t very familiar with the energy industry, which is why I soak up everything connected to this topic. I am happy to be able to make a small contribution to the energy transition. envelio is also very agile – ideas are usually executed quickly, efficiently and without large detours. I also really like the flexible working time model and the possibility of working from home, allowing me to harmonize work and family.

How would you describe the corporate culture at envelio?
At envelio, colleagues are very open and cordial with each other. We have flat hierarchies; all opinions and ideas are welcome and taken seriously. It is clear that everyone pursues great goals together and really stands behind the products. Everyone here wants to drive the energy transition forward. This spirit makes it much easier to work. Problems are solved together and responsibility is shared rather than shifted onto each other. Instead of being pigeonholed, you are valued as a person.

What needs to change for more women to succeed in tech?
I think that, even here in Germany, people still often think in terms of stereotypical roles and view certain jobs as male or female. There are often assumptions that women aren’t capable of logical thinking or technical understanding. That is a great shame and very wrong in my opinion. There are women, who are excited about technology and men, whose talents lie in musical and create areas – and that is wonderful. I think change has to start at home. Parents must set an example of equality for their children – it is quite simple really. Having two daughters myself, I try to be a role model for them in that regard and to encourage them to take up any profession, that they are enthusiastic about and committed to. I support them in confidently showing their skills.
When it comes to equality, I think that we are heading in the right direction as a society – but we still have a long way to go.

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