Updated Case Analyzer

The result view of the Intelligent Grid Platform (IGP) allows different calculation analyses to be chosen, such as coincidence factors, annual simulation, and short circuit analysis. The results are visualised in the geographic map or the schematic plan. 

All IGP applications with a result view now contain the updated Case Analyzer, which can compare the results of different calculation analyses and selected calculation cases. For example, calculation results before and after the connection of a new participant in the Connection Request can be compared. 

The Case Analyzer can be activated and deactivated very easily using a button. With this, results from an annual simulation and coincidence factors can be compared quickly. A table provides the results and differences for nodes, lines, sites and transformers and the results from the Case Analyzer are also displayed in the mouseover. 

When the Assest Analyzer is opened with an active Case Analyzer, both cases are displayed in the diagram and in the table of the Asset Analyzer. Especially when combined, the Asset Analyzer and the Case Analyzer offer powerful tools for more in-depth analyses. 

Click the play button and take a look at our updated Case Analyzer!

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