Updated Result View

The Result View included in various apps of the Intelligent Grid Platform offers a detailed overview for power flow calculations and short circuit analysis. If data in the source system is subject to change, new calculations are carried out automatically, so that the results are always up to date. The user thus receives an insightful view of the grid status with its current supply task as well as detailed information on structural grid data.     


Our latest product update included a complete redesign of the Result View together with completely new features:  

  • Geographical localization of all extreme values on the map 
  • Flexible combination of underlying calculation cases and the map coloring 
  • Direct linking between Time Series Control Center and Result View 
  • More granular result coloring (known from Sneak Peek) for voltage and utilization 
  • Calculation result labels for utilizations, voltage, and aggregated power of connection objects


In the summary within the Result View, the calculation results are evaluated and displayed. For the technical quantities, it is now possible to localize all extreme values on the map. This allows identifying the critical values for users more easily, especially in the case of limit violations. This new localization feature is also available inside the Sneak Peek, our fast analysis tool for manually edited connection requests or grid planning projects in the editor.   

Last, but not least, our newest feature of the Result View offers the user a new way to see calculation results for utilization, voltage, and aggregated power of generators and loads of connection objects (plus short circuit calculation results). Within the new visualization sidebar, the user has the option to activate result labels for various elements. The selection offers the flexibility to add as much static information on the map as needed. As addition to the more granular colored legend, those result labels show the impact of all connection objects, lines, and other elements of the grid, enabling the complete understanding of the calculations. This new result labels feature can also be used for Sneak Peek calculations. 

The new features and the updated design of the result view will further improve the workflow of the grid planners and will enable to minimize the time needed for detailed analysis of power flow calculations. 

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