Connection Request

Automate grid impact assessment and grid integration processes at the low and medium voltage level

Fast evaluation and processing of connection requests including reservation management

Automated grid connection impact assessment

Distribution system operators are currently experiencing a rapidly increasing number of customer inquiries for the connection of PVs, heat pumps and e-charging stations. Since it puts an increasing strain on our grids, these inquiries need to be examined more thoroughly, which often leads to a huge workload because many processes still have to be carried out manually today.

With the Connection Request app, you can digitize and automate the entire process from data transfer to the technical evaluation and documentation of new requests for grid integration. This allows to significantly reduce time for processing and assessment of grid connection applications – all without the need for additional personnel.

What you can use Connection Request for:

The app allows for a fully or partially automated technical evaluation of new network connection applications for both generators and consumers in low and medium voltage. This enables you to reduce the processing time per request to just a few minutes and make the planning work for new connections more efficient.

Connection request easy data input

Easy input of all important details

Evaluating new connection requests is intuitive and quick. Select the correct flow direction or connection phase via a dropdown menu, optionally enter installed active power or contractual active power – the app offers a lot of flexibility for as accurate and fast a grid compatibility check as possible. Moreover, you can expand existing connections with newly requested grid participants.

Automatic technical evaluation connection request

Automatic technical evaluation

The app automatically searches for and calculates the most suitable grid connection point within seconds. Possible grid connection variants such as shortest geographical distance or shortest electrical distance are automatically identified and directly technically evaluated. Any potential limit violations are immediately marked in the app.

Automated route calculation

Automated calculation of best routing options

When adjusting the identified grid connection variants, you can use the automated routing function. You can specify and import your own data for GO-routing or use OpenStreetMap data, which is already included for automatic calculation.

Reserving approved generators grid capacity

Reservation management and documentation

The capacity of approved but not yet connected systems is automatically reserved in the grid model and taken into account in calculations for future requests. Moreover, all requests can be sorted and filtered by various criteria such as region, whether it’s binding or non-binding, or capacity if needed, enabling targeted processing and analysis.

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3 reasons why you will love the Connection Request app

Faster processing of inquiries

Our customers report that on average about 50-60% of all grid connection requests are assessed with a positive result in under 5 minutes. This also leads to significantly higher customer satisfaction.

Lower personnel workload

The reduction in processing time per request and the automation of the entire process along the grid connection planning allow for the effective handling of the rapidly growing number of new requests without additional staff.

More transparent grid planning

The app enables the early identification of potential bottlenecks that may occur due to new grid integrations. This allows grid planners to derive necessary grid planning measures in a timely manner.

envelio customer FairNetz, Mona Keller
Mona KellerHead of Asset Management & Strategic Planning at FairNetz

In some cases, it would not have been possible to anticipate the high load without the IGP. The IGP provides calculation results which already take existing as well as approved but not yet installed generators into account. That is why we were able to visualize a rapid concentration of assets set to be put into operation and based on this information, we can already initiate grid expansion measures at an early stage.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can easily integrate mainstream connection application portals to automatically forward requests to the Connection Request app. You will find here an overview of all portals with which we already have a standard integration.

Moreover, you can have the data records on approved installations automatically transferred to other systems, for example, for further processing in EDM or NIS.

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