envelio and the TwinEU Project: A Step Towards a Digitalized European Grid

We’re excited about the launch of the TwinEU project with a vision to improve grid reliability and accelerate renewable energy deployment. Within this project, envelio utilizes its Intelligent Grid Platform (IGP) to significantly contribute to the digital transformation of the EU’s power infrastructure.

The launch of the Twin EU project marks a significant step forward in the evolution of Europe’s electricity grid. This initiative is set to create a digital twin of the entire grid, aiming to enhance its operation’s reliability and resilience. The project marks an ambitious collaboration between grid operators, technology experts, and research institutions, thus underscoring a collective push towards integrating renewable energy resources more efficiently across Europe.

At the heart of the TwinEU initiative is the concept of creating a unified digital model from the combination of local digital twins, as outlined in the European Commission’s action plan for grid digitalization. The federation of local digital twins will allow avoiding isolated developments, ensuring interoperability and the seamless exchange of data and models across the consortium. This strategy, having a strong focus on standardization of data and model exchanges, is crucial for unlocking the full potential of the digital twin in the energy system. The envisioned digital twin will serve as the core for European data exchange, facilitating connections to the evolving energy data space.

envelio’s Intelligent Grid Platform (IGP) will be instrumental in realizing many of the project’s applications. Our involvement, especially in the German demonstration project alongside partners like Westnetz, E.ON Energie Deutschland and E.ON One, signals its vital role in shaping the future of Europe’s energy landscape.

Through enhanced grid resilience, better observability and control, and improved forecasting for market operations, TwinEU aspires to bring about a significant transformation in how we manage and understand our energy networks. We at envelio are proud to stand at the forefront of these technological advances, building together with other project participants the path towards a smarter, more resilient European energy system.

The TwinEU project is funded with €20 million from the Horizon Europe scheme, spans three years and involves 75 partners, including notable entities like ENTSO-E and E.DSO, as well as grid operators across 15 countries. This consortium stands as one of the largest under the Horizon Europe framework, highlighting the significant scale and commitment behind this endeavor.

You will find more information on the TwinEU project on this page.