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Make well-informed asset management and grid planning decisions with eSmart Systems and envelio

By leveraging eSmart Systems’ AI-powered solutions for inspection and asset information management and envelioā€™s applications Grid Study and Grid Planning, utilities can combine comprehensive insights on the power flow and mechanical asset data to enhance multiple aspects of their operations.

envelio and eSmart Systems

Grid VisionĀ® solution from eSmart Systems leverages advanced AI technology and enables utilities to expand the scope of virtual inspections and grid inventory by transforming critical transmission and distribution infrastructure into image-based inventory of digital grid assets. By combining inspection data, substation assets, metadata, and grid topology, utilities obtain actionable insights and can generate downstream value that goes beyond the inspection process.

These insights can easily be made available in the Grid Planning and Grid Study applications of the Intelligent Grid Platform (IGP) from envelio. The combination of accurate image-based digital assets with the grid digital twin gives utilities a single insights source that helps them break down silos between grid operations, investment planning, and condition monitoring. The derived insights can be used for enhancing maintenance and inspection planning, supporting unplanned outage response and improving long term asset investments and strategic grid planning for power grids.

About eSmart Systems:

Grid VisionĀ® by eSmart Systems
eSmart Systems is a leading provider of AI-powered solutions for the inspection and maintenance of critical infrastructure. With its software solution, Grid VisionĀ®, the company revolutionizes how Power Utilities operate and maintain their transmission and distribution networks. eSmart Systems offers a data-driven and condition-based approach to infrastructure inspections that can be managed from one single platform, supporting companies worldwide by ensuring reduced costs, safer inspections, and prolonged asset life. For more information, please visitĀ www.esmartsystems.com