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SMIGHT & envelio: Plug & Play integration of measurement data from SMIGHT for more transparency in the low-voltage grids

The goal of the partnership between SMIGHT and envelio is to facilitate real-time grid transparency in the low-voltage grids by including measurement data from SMIGHT in grid analysis and enabling the evaluation of the current grid status in real time (State Estimation).

envelio and SMIGHT

The Intelligent Grid Platform from envelio allows to easily identify critical assets as well as problematic grid areas and grid usage cases using a comprehensive and dynamic digital grid model. Potential bottlenecks in the grid are thus determined early on, thereby allowing to find and prioritize relevant locations for SMIGHT measurement technology.

Automated data integration from SMIGHT Grid2 into the IGP enables the evaluation of the current grid status in real time (State Estimation). Through the targeted integration of SMIGHT Grid2, you can validate various grid calculations, determine additional measurement locations based on deviations between simulated and actual values, and optimize planning.

As part of further development, the focus will be also on providing information about the future grid status and grid congestion forecast even before the risk occurs. The time-series-based detection of bottlenecks in real time and the direct initiation of countermeasures will help relieve the grid, thus enabling an end-to-end implementation of grid control according to §14a EnWG.

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