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Building the grid of the future: Intelligent grid monitoring with Digimondo and envelio

niotix grid by Digimondo serves as a central grid data platform for efficient and future-proof measurement data management. In partnership with envelio, it provides measurement data, such as grid status data from smart meters or detailed measurements from local substations, to the Intelligent Grid Platform. By linking measurement data with grid data, you can perform real-time assessments of the state of low-voltage grids and use them for subsequent processes such as grid-side flexibility management.

envelio and Digimondo

The niotix platform acts as a versatile tool to tackle current and future energy industry challenges, such as those presented by flexibility management. niotix enables centralized and technology-agnostic management and monitoring of IoT devices. The platform standardizes, stores, and contextualizes measurement data with metadata from legacy IT systems.

With the specially developed interfaces and functions in niotix grid, distribution grid operators can harness the full potential of IoT data and additional information sources within their core processes. A use case currently in focus is the grid-side flexibility management.

By integrating measurement data from IoT devices with the grid models of the Intelligent Grid Platform, distribution grid operators gain transparency over the current state of their grids. The IGP identifies bottlenecks in real-time and can initiate direct measures to relieve the grids. Furthermore, the measurement values from niotix grid can be leveraged for improving grid expansion planning.

Technologieagnostische Digitalisierung der Netze mit envelio
Digimondo's niotix and envelio's Intelligent Grid Platform

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Digimondo GmbH was founded in 2016 by software experts with the vision of using the Internet of Things (IoT) to make the world more efficient, sustainable and better. Digimondo’s platform solution, niotix, empowers customers to independently roll out and securely operate innovative IoT solutions. Over 100 grid operators across Germany already trust the Digimondo platform. As a leading IoT software provider in Germany, Digimondo has years of experience in designing and implementing IoT projects.