Grid Planning

Easily design new grid areas or plan changes to the existing grid

Create new grid areas or identify the measures to optimize your existing grid across voltage levels

Distribution grid planning and design - software for electric grids

The integration of renewable energies, along with the expansion and dynamic behavior of new loads such as charging stations or heat pumps, increasingly requires a reassessment and often an expansion of grid capacity at various voltage levels. Due to limited personnel and financial resources, making the right investment decisions is crucial to future-proof the grid. An efficient and standardized grid planning process that covers everything – from new grid areas to reinforcement measures across medium and low voltage – and provides fast and accurate calculations helps effectively manage the dwindling grid reserves.

The envelio Grid Planning app supports you in redefining your distribution grid planning processes to meet these challenges. Whether you are designing the grid infrastructure for a new area or optimizing your existing grids, our app allows you to quickly and easily perform the necessary calculations for any type of distribution grid planning and reinforcement projects. You can interactively make various adjustments to directly evaluate the impacts of new loads, feeders, or changes to the grid infrastructure across voltage levels, and use these techno-economic assessments to make more efficient investment decisions.

How you can use Grid Planning

With this app, you can easily plan completely new grid areas and optimize existing grids to resolve or proactively avoid grid bottlenecks.

Plan a completely new grid area from scratch based on anticipated loads and feeders or modify the existing one.

Quickly add new grid elements

Using the app, you can easily evaluate possible grid optimizations by adding new distribution substations, transformer substations, and cable distributors via drag-and-drop or by designing new line routes and then simulating the effects of these measures. Additionally, you can plan a completely new grid area from scratch based on anticipated loads and feeders.

Easily modify existing grid elements and revise the grid topology.

Easily modify existing grid structures

The app also allows you to easily modify existing grid elements: for example, increase line cross-sections, update the maximum capacity or reactive power behavior of existing loads and feeders, or replace the transformer model. On top of that, you can change switching states across all grids and thus revise the grid topology.

Evaluate changes in grid structures across voltage levels using automated power flow calculations.

Evaluate changes in grid structures across voltage levels

Changes in the grid structure can be thoroughly evaluated using automated power flow calculations, which include annual simulations and the calculation of coincidence factors across different voltage levels. Furthermore, the app provides detailed graphical and statistical analysis of load and voltage profiles to immediately identify critical conditions and optimize the grid structure accordingly.

Create and subsequently analyze and refine various future scenarios for the supply task.

Direct interface to Grid Study and Connection Request

The app has native interfaces to other IGP apps, allowing you to consider the interactions between different causes for grid expansion. For instance, in conjunction with the Grid Study app, you can create and subsequently analyze and refine various future scenarios for the supply task. Or you can reserve planning projects and integrate them into the Connection Request app to avoid redundant expansion measures.

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3 reasons why you will love our Grid Planning App

Better Investment Decisions

The high level of detail in the modeling enables a well-informed planning of suitable measures to address potential grid bottlenecks. You can compare planning alternatives and evaluate their technical feasibility to make efficient investment decisions.

Faster Planning and Evaluation

The intuitive user interface allows you to plan completely new grid areas and evaluate the technical aspects of grid planning measures significantly faster than with existing solutions. For this, you have several assistance tools at your disposal, e.g. automatic route finder.

Standardized Processes for All Tasks

The app allows you to evaluate all potential causes for distribution grid planning in a single tool. Additionally, the app covers planning processes across medium and low voltage levels. This ensures continuous and standardized workflows, facilitates coordination between projects, and minimizes training and learning efforts.

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Common questions we hear about our tool for distribution grid planning

All our apps run based on our Grid Hub – the heart of the Intelligent Grid Platform and the basis for all calculations for your grids. Installing the Grid Hub includes data integration and cleansing and takes about 6 months. After that, the Grid Study app only needs to be activated and does not require further grid data integration or preparation.