Online Monitoring

Full grid visibility for what really happens at your low and medium voltage levels

State estimation based on sensor data to give you exhaustive insights into your distribution grids

Real-time grid visibility into low and medium voltage levels

Historically, the energy system was centralised, and distribution grids static and often over-sized. There used to be no need for detailed transparency of the grid status in real-time at lower voltage levels.

Nowadays, it’s a different story. With the increasing amount of distributed energy resources (DERs), grid transparency is getting more and more important for medium and low voltage networks to avoid power quality issues and capacity bottlenecks. Our Online Monitoring application is a powerful grid monitoring system that uses real-time data about switching states, currents, voltages and more for accurate state estimation. It allows distribution grid operators to finally get visibility into the previously ‘blind spots’ in their power networks.

The things you can do with Online Monitoring

The tool helps you not only increase grid transparency, but also operate the grid more flexibly and increase process efficiency.

Easily integrate live data from smart meters, substation monitoring, SCADA, and more

Combine data from various sources

Using the flexible interfaces of the grid hub, you can easily integrate live data from various sources (smart meters, substation monitoring, SCADA, etc.) and combine them with structural grid data to get the most accurate view of your MV and LV grids.

Quickly identify critical or over-utilised assets and grid segments

Visualize data for better load monitoring

By visualising your grid and all necessary data (asset data, sensor data, switching states, etc.) at one place, you can quickly identify critical or over-utilised assets and grid segments, support the planning of switching operations and the shutdown planning.

Online monitoring app from envelio sends fault alerts for critical grid states

Get accurate state estimation and fault alerts

Dedicated state estimation algorithms for MV and LV grids are used to accurately assess voltage levels and loadings for all operating assets in the grid. Incidents are reported through notifications and warnings.

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These DSOs are already using our Online Monitoring tool to improve transparency of the current grid state

What’s in it for you?

Grid smartification

With the full overview of the grid state at your fingertips, you’ll have the basis for an automated congestion management of flexible loads or generators in the second step. In the long run, this will enable smart grid operation and reduced need for grid expansion.

Power supply quality

You can detect grid congestion risks early on and take timely action to minimise – or even prevent – the strain on the grid. Moreover, you can improve the overall grid operations through e.g.optimisation of switching states.

Costs management

Thanks to live transparency of grid states, you’ll have a much more solid data basis for prioritisation of maintenance work and for planning grid expansion measures. This, in turn, leads to reduced costs for grid planning and operation.

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